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A Song marked * is an updated version, since the original date shown

TitleGenreThemeYearpdfmp3 / download
01As we lay like spoonscalypsoYou know what I like2018 As we lay like spoons - James Clifford
02Bis wir uns wieder sehenfolk-austrianAbendabchiedslied2014 Bis wir uns wieder sehen - James Clifford
03Brave soldier boy
folk-politicalSoldiers used as toys2016 Brave soldier boy - James Clifford
04Die Welt braucht die Armenfolk-satireWir brauchen arme Menschen2012 Die Welt braucht die Armen - James Clifford
05Fantasy Dad
folk-religionGod, the mystery2017Fantasy Dad - James Clifford
06Komm together (zusammen)folk-satireGscheit tsam2015Komm together - James Clifford
07The laughter in your eyes
folkBeing in love
2019The laughter in your eyes - James Clifford
08Quand tu danses (sous la pluie)
chansonJoys of love and rain
2013Quand tu danses sous la pluie - James Clifford
09When I die
folkGonna be a tree - maybe2017When I die - James Clifford
10Wie dumm sind die Menschenfolk-satireGeld und Leben2012Wie dumm sind die Menschen - James Clifford
11Wo gehen wir hin?
folkDie Zukunft2013Wo gehen wir hin - James Clifford
12Es kann sein*folki freu mi, dass di gibt2017Es kann sein - James Clifford
13Second Sock Song*folkself-created fear2012Second Sock Song - James Clifford
14Tu was Gescheites*folk-satireSinvolle Arbeit?2019Tu was Gescheites - James Clifford
15Ich bin kaufsüchtig*folk-satireWas ich unbedingt brauche2014Ich bin Kaufsüchtig - James Clifford
16Oh Eve, please don't blame it on mefolk-satireWhy Adam is no dream man2016Oh Eve please don't blame it on me - James Clifford
17Your beautiful gardenfolk-humourErotic ambiguity in folk tradition2013Your beautiful garden - James Clifford
18Christmas Time / Families TogetherfolkComing together - a time to celebrate2014/18/22 Christmas Time / Families Together - James Clifford
19Das FriedenslichtfolkEin Friedenslicht ist mehr als eine Kerze2014/22 Das Friedenslicht - James Clifford
20Ein Bussard kreist über michfolk (Taufe)Ein Bussard aus der Sicht eines Babys2023 Ein Bussard kreist ueber mich - James Clifford

More songs coming soon!

Off to Brighton – CD A Song marked * is an updated version, since the CD was issued.


TitleGenreThemeYearpdfmp3 / download
01. Off to Brightonfolk-humourOff to James' birth place2011 Off to brighton - James Clifford
02. Company Adviser-rev.*folk-satireTraining often misses the point2019* Company Adviser - James Clifford
03. Heart meets Heart
folk-satireFreedom from fear2010 Heart meets heart - James Clifford
04. The love that is youfolk-2009 The love that is you - James Clifford
05. Emaline
folkHopelessly in love2010 Emaline - James Clifford
06. Come on inblues-humourBlues Bakery Club2005Come on in - James Clifford
07. You’re so cruel
blues-humourWomen don’t understand me
2010You're so cruel - James Clifford
08. Du wächst in mir
folk-childrenWerdende Mutter + Engl in pdf2010Du waechst in mir - James Clifford
09. Was sind TräumefolkWie schön es ist mit dir! + Engl in pdf2011Was sind Traeume - James Clifford
10. In the heart of us all
folk-satireChange needs more than hope2010In the heart of us all - James Clifford
11. Funny money - rev*folk-satireSome absurdities of money2020*Funny money - James Clifford
12. Mighty dollar-menfolk-satireMaking war and money2010Mighty dollar-men - James Clifford
13. A thousand miles from youfolkA long way from where I'd rather be2009A thousand miles from you - James Clifford
14. Amour et LibertéchansonLove and Feedom2010Amour et Liberte - James Clifford
15. The night is youngblues-humourThe embarrassing elderly flirt2010The night is young - James Clifford
16. Non-hairy bearfolk-childrenSong for little hairless bears2005Non-hairy bear - James Clifford
17. Kicking ballsfolk-satireSome football reality2010Kicking balls
18. Summer Rainfolklost love2010Summer Rain - James Clifford


Following tables list James Clifford Repertoire not yet recorded or abridged versions only (click on „next“ to extend a table)

TitleGenreThemeYear composedmp3 (abridged)
Just be lovefolk-loveNo reason, just love2017
Jugglers of sorrowfolk-politicsIt's money men who make the wars2017
Are you frightened of freedom?folkWho or what do you hold on to?2017
Net wirklich was I wufolk-austriaI was net was I tun soll2017
I like stroking my friendfolk-satireFor smartphone fetishists (already on Youtube)2017
All the heaven that I needfolk-loveSong to a special person (already on Youtube)2017
Big Mo and the Lordfolk-satireTrue story, unfortunately excluded from the Bible2017
Jenny's toesfolkWorries and other little things2017
Sunrise callingfolkLet's have fun, now that we're here2017
A reason to livefolk-loveThe reason? You2016
Es gibt an Bonus(de)folk-satireBonus gibt’s immer – für wem?2016
Banking is our pleasurefolk-humourA little bawdy banking2016
Der Betriebsberatungsberater(de)folk-satireEinige Geschäftsabsurditäten2016
Mr Christian, Muslim and Promised-Land Manfolk-satireTo religious zealots2016
Religious cock and bullfolk-satireMore religious nonsense2016
Ten thousand warsfolkHaving never learnt to love2016
The time has come folkLast goodbye to a friend2016
I dreamt last nightfolkThe proximity of paradise2016
My life with youfolk-loveSailing on a magical dream2016
Away from the greed of manfolkA future for children?2016
I do believefolkLet your love flow2016
Snowy winter reggaereggaeA warm sun shining on me2016
My God loves mefolk-satireIn his own psychotic way2015
Vielleicht gibt's ein Gott(de)folk-satireaber es ist wurst... oder?2015
Es geht net(de)folkWas ich nicht sagen kann2015
No more religionfolkLiebe statt Religion2015
Secrets never learntfolkHow to live in peace2015
Waves of changefolkCan you hear them?2015
Religious tolerancefolk-satireThe tolerance of dogma2015
Can you believe it?folk-satireGenesis – as it really happened2015
Till we meet againfolkEnd of a wonderful evening2015
The deep river of your eyesreggaeReflecting heart or hope?2015
Meine Liebling kochen kann(de)folk-humourEchte weiches Ei2015

Songs from 2014 mp3 extracts only – full versions coming later!

Arbeit a Bissl mehr(de)
Dein Rücken ist noch nicht gebrochen

Will be uploaded soon
Meine Liebling fragte: „Was ist los?“
The friend you are
Thanks to a friend

Will be uploaded soon
Das Leben ist ein Märchen(de)
Glauben oder kritisch denken?

Will be uploaded soon
The trees wave goodnight
A little lullaby for little people

Will be uploaded soon
Der Märchenbus(de)
Auftakt zum Zukunftsymposium

Will be uploaded soon
Shall we walk together
If we feed hunger instead of greed
Dein Gschwisterl kommt bald(de)
Bruder oder Schwester?

Will be uploaded soon
Now is the time
Time to feel, time to heal
Have you kissed the rain today?Wonderful childishness

Will be uploaded soon
Long are the days
When you're not here

Will be uploaded soon
Banken und Lügen

Will be uploaded soon
Bis wir uns wieder sehen(de)
Abschlusslied wunderschöne Abende
Schluck die Psychopharmaka(de)
Es wird dich nicht heilen aber das macht nichts
Weil ich ein Bergläufer bin(de)
Blick auf Glocknerlauf 2014
Mein Gott liebt mich(de)
Schizophrenisch und Psychopatisch Tendenzen der Religionen
Beautiful lady
Come dance with me

Will be uploaded soon
Sunlight stroking water
The teasing chill of Autumn
A rawhide is only for real men
Leather and other boy fetishes

Will be uploaded soon
Das Friedenslicht(de)
Mehr Herz als Kerze

Will be uploaded soon
Christmas time
Brings families together

Will be uploaded soon
Ich bin kaufsüchtig(de)
Was ich unbedingt brauche

Will be uploaded soon
I went to school
The joys of sadistic teachers

Will be uploaded soon
That's all for 2014!

Songs from 2013 mp3 extracts only – full versions coming later!

Some say it was God
Fight or live in love

Will be uploaded soon
I'm a fundamentalist
Justifiable violence?
In the early morning
Getting up – kid’s view

Will be uploaded soon
Saturday Shopping
Senseless shopping – kid’s view

Will be uploaded soon
Come rock the boat
Making change happen

Will be uploaded soon
Quand tu danses (sous la Pluie) (fr)
Joys of love and rain
Mit voller Freud’ im vollem G’sicht (de)
Für die wartende Mutter

Will be uploaded soon
Wo gehen wir hin?(de)
Wo läuft die Zukunft hin?
Komm together(de)
Wie Zusammenkommen schön sein kann
Too late to rescue (too young to die)
Natural sentiments for a country song
A little daffodil
Singing with the trees
Sunny days
Let your body move

Will be uploaded soon
Mr Christian + Mr Muslim Man
Please leave me alone
My dog's dinner
Woof, woof, woof

Will be uploaded soon
Some People
Gay, lesbian or not, you’re OK
Vertraue mir (de)
Ich weiß was du brauchst

Will be uploaded soon
Breath of love
Let it flow in you
So to sleep
A little lullaby

Will be uploaded soon
Hupf in den Gatsch (de)
Wenn's dir fad ist (Kinderlied)

Will be uploaded soon
How many seasons will it take?
Wisdom, Love and Freedom
Thinking of you
Song to a (Grand-)child
Your beautiful garden
Erotic ambiguity in folk-song tradition
The sun says goodnight
Another little lullaby

Will be uploaded soon
Geldschöpfung (de)
Geld regiert die Welt – aber wieso?

Will be uploaded soon
Der erste Zahn (de)
Jetzt ist er 8 Monaten alt

Will be uploaded soon
That's all for 2013!More songs next year

Songs from 2012 mp3 extracts only – full versions coming later!

A Jahr ist vergangen (de)
Ein wunderschönes Jahr
Cold-water Blues
Naked at and in the river
Die Welt braucht die Armen (de)
Wie nützlich Armut sein kann

See update 2016
Helden rettet mich (de)
Für die, die auf die Rettung warten
Naughty Boy
Some realities of war
Wo seid ihr? (de)
Geld, Gier und Zerstörung

Will be uploaded soon
Be who you are
A reminder to others - and self!
City Girl
Fashion and cosmetics
If I
If I could be alone with you

Will be uploaded soon
For the shopping addicted
Who I am
I am what I have

Will be uploaded soon
Wo bist du? (de)
Der Schmerz des Verlustes

Will be uploaded soon
Willy's End
Have you ever seen God's willy?
Second Sock Song
Fear of being noticed
Zeckenimpfung (de)
Hat nichts mit der Firma Baxter zu tun
Pimmel's Ende
Wer gehört den eigenen Körper?
Wie dumm sind die Menschen? (de)
Wo ist die Realität?
Ich bin ein Cliffy (de)
Bist du Österreicher oder Engländer