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Although James is moving across to a purely digital format, there are still a few copies of his first CD On the Way available; on which he plays and sings primarily cover songs that have had a special meaning or influence in his life. It includes a small explanatory leaflet. It’s really a „last chance“, as the songs won’t be individually available and there is no intention to produce more of this CD.

The songs from his CD Off to Brighton are offered individually for free download from this site. But if you prefer the CD, it is available here and includes a booklet with songtexts.

Please note, CDs are offered on a „pay-what-you-like“ basis, with a minimum charge of €5 to cover the basics. In the basket, please don’t forget to fill in the shipping options to „Europe“ or „Rest of the World“, depending on the address to be shipped to.

Off to Brighton
On the Way

„Off to Brighton“ Songtrack EXTRACTS ONLY (to DOWNLOAD individual tracks, together with text and chords, please go to SONGTRACKS)

1 Off to Brighton

Off to where James was born
2 Company Adviser
Training often misses the point
3 Heart meets heart
Freedom from fear
4 The love that is you5 Emaline

Hopelessly in love
6 Come on in

Blues Bakery Club
7 You’re so cruel

Women don’t understand me
8 Du wÀchst in mir
Werdende Mutter - also Engl Text in pdf
9 Was sind TrÀume
Wie schön es ist mit dir! - also Engl Text in pdf
10 In the heart of us all
Change needs more than hope
11 Funny money
Some absurdities of money
12 Mighty dollar-men
Making war and money
13 thousand miles from you14 Amour et Liberté
Love and freedom
15 The night is young
(and so are you)

The embarrassing elderly flirt
16 Non-hairy bear

A song for little hairless bears
17 Kicking balls
Some football reality
18 Summer Rain

„On the way“ songlist
1 Lola Ray Davies (1970)
2 Let it be Lennon and McCartney (1970)
3 Come on in James Clifford (2006)
4 The last thing on my mind Tom Paxton (1964)
5 Ain’t Misbehavin‘ Waller, Razat & Brooks (1929)
6 Leg dich zu mir Leg dich zu mir James Clifford (2006) – first attempt at writing in an Austrian dialect
7 No, woman no cry Vincent Ford (1974)
8 On the side of a hill Paul Simon (1965)
9 Me and Julio Paul Simon (1971)
10 Jojo Jaques Brel (1977)
11 If tomorrow never comes Blazy & Brooks (1988)
12 Nobody knows you… Jimmy Cox (1923)
13 Hotel California Henley, Frey & Felder (1976)
14 Intro. text to…
15 Brisk and Bonny Lad Copper collection(trad) (1800s)
16 Ride on Jimmy McCarthy (1980)
17 Nights in white satin Justin Hayward (1967)
18 Bonus – Instr. improvisation – James Clifford (2007)