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29 Jul 20 Events list ( 2019 – Aug 2020)

5 Mar 20 new free recordings (pdf text with chords and mp3) tracks 16,17 Songstore – tracks
14 Apr 20 new video upload, Youtube. More videos are on James Clifford Youtube Channel

James Clifford songlist repertoire (own and cover songs) can be downloaded here – now easier to choose songs for your event. Contact music[att] for up-to-date lists

A few song extracts – some full versions available in the new table on Songstore-tracks
The deep river of your eyes – James CliffordThe deep river of your eyes – Reflecting heart or hope?

Sunlight stroking water – James CliffordSunlight stroking water – The teasing chill of autumn and winter

Oh Eve, please don’t blame it on me – James CliffordOh Eve, please don’t blame it on me – Adam is no dream man. God agrees.

Die Welt braucht die Armen – James CliffordDie Welt braucht die Armen(de) – Nutznießer der Armut

Ten thousand wars – James CliffordTen thousand wars – Having never learnt to love

Weil ich ein Bergläufer bin – James CliffordWeil ich ein Bergläufer bin(de) – Blick auf Glocknerlauf 2014

Sprachlos – James CliffordSprachlos(de) – Meine Liebling fragte: „Was ist los?“

Shall we walk together – James CliffordShall we walk together – Feed hunger instead of greed

Schluck die Psychopharmaka – James CliffordSchluck die Psychopharmaka(de) – Es wird dich nicht heilen aber das macht nichts

Your beautiful garden – James CliffordYour beautiful garden – Erotic ambiguity in folk-song tradition

Wo gehen wir hin? – James CliffordWo gehen wir hin?(de) – Wo läuft die Zukunft hin?

Quand tu danses – James CliffordQuand tu danses (sous la Pluie)(fr) – Joys of love and rain

Breath of Love – James CliffordBreath of love – Let it flow in you

Thinking of you – James CliffordThinking of you – Song to a (Grand-)child

Komm together – James CliffordKomm together(de) – Wie Zusammenkommen schön sein kann

How many seasons will it take? – James CliffordHow many seasons will it take? – Wisdom, Love and Freedom

Mr Christian and Mr Muslim Man – James CliffordMr Christian and Mr Muslim Man – Please leave me alone

Some people – James CliffordSome people – Gay, lesbian or not, you’re OK

Second Sock Song – James CliffordSecond Sock Song – Fear of being noticed

Willy’s End – James CliffordWilly’s End – have you ever seen God’s Willy?… oder auf Deutsch…
Pimmel’s Ende – James CliffordPimmel’s Ende(de) – Wer gehört den eigenen Körper

Cold-Water Blues – James CliffordCold-Water Blues – things just disappear!

Naughty Boy – James CliffordNaughty Boy – don’t get caught on camera

and there are more…!

To hear and download more tracks, together with free words and chords, go to: Songstore – tracks and click on the track you want

Clifford’s songs from the album “Off to Brighton” can already be downloaded, together with free words and chords from Songstore – tracks or you can order his CDs from Songstore – CDs

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