James is a singer-songwriter who enjoys engaging with the audience, whether at a concert or at a more personal event such as a birthday or other special occasion. Clifford has a massive repertoire of almost 400 cover songs ranging from traditional folk, blues and jazz as well as ballads of the 1970s through to today, plus over 170 of his own songs (see repertoire links below) These he supports with his self-taught guitar styles.

James Clifford own song repertoire

©Clifford C James

James Clifford cover song repertoire

Although he is a solo singer-songwriter, James very much enjoys being involved in gatherings at which people share something of themselves – an enjoyment nourished during his earlier days at singarounds in Folk Clubs in England. This interest inspired him to set up a Culture Cafe in Steyr, a beautiful town in Austria, where he spent much of his time before moving to a different part of Austria. The Steyr Culture Cafe still exists, coordinated by other members (see Events).

James finds song-writing a fascinating process – feelings and sounds evolve into words, which then take form. He doesn’t know where it comes from but he often says “thank you” to the unknown.

Clifford works with a variety of projects and organisations involved in supporting moves towards a more just, environmentally sensitive future for life on this planet. If you do to, it would be great to hear from you: music{attit]

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