2017 – February 2018

FUTURES SYMPOSIUM Event partners include: Museum Arbeitswelt, Treffpunkt Mensch u. Arbeit… James’ contribution: ironic, humorous and heart-filled songs for this inspiring event. Programme details from December 2016.
Where: Bibliothek in Domikanerhaus, Steyr, Austria
When: 3 – 4 March 2017 (Friday from 19.30, Saturday 09.00 – 16.00)
Info.: Tel. ++437(0)7252 45400 (Dominkanerhaus, Steyr)

This is always a great night, with a variety of musicians, instruments and styles of playing, occasionally including James
Where: Cafe-Pub s’Käferl, Zirerstrasse 12 (next to dem BMW-Parkhaus)
When: Friday 10 March from 8pm (and every 2nd Friday in the month)
Info: Silvia u.Günter Bartel Tel. 07252/50698 – 0664 53 48 904

ST PATRICK’S DAY – 17 MARCH (and follow up on 18 March)
James will be bringing a wealth of Irish and other music to a festival which has existed over hundreds of years, in celebration of the Patron Saint of Ireland, St Patrick (AD387-461). Dino and the pub crew will be supplying the wonderful malt and barley juices and other delights at this regenerated Steyr venue. This is also in line with the formal declaration from the Irish Government, which amusingly states one of the aims of the festival as being:

  • To provide the opportunity and motivation for people of Irish descent (and those who sometimes wish they were Irish) to attend and join in the imaginative and expressive celebrations

Where: Irish Pub, Steyr, Austria. Gleinkergasse 14-16
When: Friday, 17+18 March 2017, Pub open from 6pm. James sings from 9pm on both nights
Info. Irish Pub Tel. 07252 51502

An evening of refreshingly ironic, humorous and heart-filled songs and banter in English, German, (French?) from the pencil of the newly pensioned James
Where: Alte Welt, Hauptplatz 4, 4040 Linz, Austria
When: Thursday 4 May 17 7.30pm
Reserve a place   T: 0732 770053 E:

James will again be enjoying (but not officially participating in) the festival this year and you may catch him singing at various pubs or even on the street, when the sun shines 😉
Where: Brighton, UK
When: Festival runs from 5 May – 6 June
Info This is one of the world’s best cultural festivals. A great place to perform and meet artists and performers from around the world, as well as home-grown talent, such as James. Get to Brighton Festival, Brighton Fringe and visit Artists Open Houses. (links sometimes slow)

Open-Air events organised by local councils in the Perg area. James will be singing at some of the events which start around 7pm
16 June Naarn Market Place
22 June Perg Market Place
29 June Schwertberg Stadtplatz
6 July Perg Wirt Auhof
20 July Perg Market Place
27 July Schwertberg Stadtplatz
3 August Perg Market Place
17 August Schwertberg

A great day set in this wonderful part of Steyr, near the river. Clifford’s contribution will be his humorous, ironic and thought-provoking songs
Where: Wehrgraben, Steyr, Austria
When: Saturday 9 September
Info. Programme being developed at the moment. More details soon.

James will be adding his satirical, humorous and heart-felt songs to an event celebrating the development of yet another local exchange-trading system in Austria.
Where: Irnfritz Mehrzwecksaal, Waldviertel
When: Saturday 18 November, from 2pm (James will be playing from 5pm)
Info. Flyer


James will be bringing some if his irony/satire to an event which sees local groups performing any amount of silliness, to celebrate the end of the carnival season (Fasching)
Where: Veranstaltungsaal, 4341 Arbing, Austria
When: Saturday 10 February, 8pm
Info. Programme from the MV Arbing is being finalised

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Some past events in which James has been involved:

As well as giving solo concerts in pubs, clubs, bars, streets and concert halls in various parts of Austria, Germany and England, James has also enjoyed being involved in…

An annual event organised by attac, Greenpeace, Global 2000 and Südwind, bringing together people who are interested in learning how to be a (better) activist in supporting moves towards a fairer world for all. James has been involved in the organisation and has often lead the Protest Song Workshop.
Info.: Aktionsakademie 2016 – in German – incl. Links to archives of previous Aktionsakademie

An annual event which challenges the absurdities of mainstream economics and finance, and develops alternatives, incorporating fairness and environmental sustainability. James has contributed song-writing to this event.
Info. for 2017:  SOAK  2017

FUTURES SYMPOSIUM – annual event in Steyr, Austria
2014 From competition to cooperation – ways to a good life for all
2015. Well-being without growth
2016 Less is more – a good life for everyone

STOP TTIP! (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)
Part of a grassroots initiative to stop secret, destructive negotiations which benefit only large businesses and industry, and threaten the environment and the rights of people.

Part of the Europe-wide movement for an unconditional basic income for all.
Info: (for info. about the Europe-wide initiative – in many languages)

CULTURE IN SCHWECHATER-HOF (moved from Cafe Cardinal, Steyr)
A chance for people to sing/recite their own or favourite songs, melodies, poems and stories in a relaxed atmosphere – without a stage or microphones.
Where: Schwechater-hof, L.Werndlstrasse 1, 4400 Steyr
When: From 7 p.m. third monday in the month
Info. Werner Zehethofer:

A venue with a lot of interesting events incl. Music, Literature, Theatre… Monthly OPEN STAGE night
Where: Zuckerfabrik, Enns, Austria
Info. Zuckerfabrik

An annual event for this moneyless trading system (LETS). Locally produced good food, drink, dancing and music from, amongst others, James Clifford.

BIO ADVENT MARKT – annual event December, Grein, Upper Austria
An advent market, providing high quality regional, organic food and drink, as well as clothes and other locally made items with James adding “Songs for our time” from the main stage.

Part of a campaign to support and encourage street music and to challenge attempts at removing street music from public places.

A chance for people to sing/recite their own or favourite songs, melodies, poems and stories in a relaxed atmosphere – without a stage or microphones.

THE WAY OUT OF CRISIS – ENOUGH FOR ALL! (Wege aus der Krise: Es reicht für alle!)
A day of Action, organised by a wide spectrum of non-profit organisations throughout Austria which are working towards a fairer, sustainable future for all.
Information: Wege aus der Krise

IDEAS MARKET (Markt der Ideen), Krems, Austria
Over 400 delegates from 34 Countries meeting to shape a new food system. The first European Forum for Food Sovereignty named after the legendary Malian woman “Nyéléni”, whose spirit inspired the international food sovereignty forum held in Mali in 2007.
More Info.
Nyeleni Europe

MUSIKFORUM AUSTRIA – Viktring, Austria
James has been to previous song-writing workshops here. It’s what got him round to finishing songs instead of merely starting new ones.
Info: Musikforum Austria

An evening of entertainment of various sorts incl. occasionally James Clifford
Where: Alte Welt, Hauptplatz, Linz, Austria
When: Club meets once per month
Info. Email: The English Club

BRIGHTON (FRINGE) FESTIVAL, UK This is one of the world’s best cultural festivals. A great place to perform and meet artists and performers from around the world, as well as home-grown talent, such as James. Get to Brighton Festival, Brighton Fringe and visit Artist houses.

A 3-day event in Auguat, bringing together musicians, singers, dancers and people who generally want to have fun.
Info. Alpen-Klangrausch

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